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For information about EMM386.EXE, see EMM386.EXE. If you specify min=0, EMM386 does not reserve any XMS memory for use as EMS/VCPI memory. The default value is on. The PATHS section should be no mystery to you and you normally don't need to change it.

NOEMS Provides access to the upper memory area but prevents access to expanded memory. For more information about command interpreters, see the COMMAND command. You will notice, that you have the classic command.com interface. If you do not specify a range, EMM386 uses all available adapter space to create UMBs and a page frame for EMS.

If both switches are set, EMM386 disregards the memory parameter and the MIN switch. The device command for EMM386.EXE must precede any devicehigh commands. Just as the other expanded memory managers, EMM386 uses the processor's virtual 8086 mode. I personally prefer the classic style of a black screen.

Now we have to manipulate our config.sys so load it into your editor: DEVICE=C:\windows\HIMEM.SYS /testmem:off DOS=HIGH,UMB LASTDRIVE=z COUNTRY=049,850,C:\windows\COMMAND\country.sys SHELL=c:\4dos\4dos.com c:\4dos /p /e:1024 DEVICE=C:\windows\EMM386.EXE noems d=64 x=a000-c7ff i=c800-f7ff x=f800-ffff rem DEVICE=C:\windows\EMM386.EXE 28000 i= mmmm - nnnn Specifies a range of segment addresses to be used (included) for an EMS page or for UMBs. When EMM386 is configured to provide upper memory blocks (by using the NOEMS or RAM switches), EMM386 will also automatically backfill conventional memory if there is less than 640k, in order This switch must be used with the NOEMS switch otherwise VCPI support is not disabled.

Use the EMM386 command to change this value after EMM386 has started. Defrag is a nice program too. But in the 80's there was a second standard for additional memory called EMS (Expanded Memory System). hop over to this website Values for memory are in the range 64 through the lesser of either 32768 or the amount of extended memory available when EMM386 is loaded.

But if you have some hard disks, cd-rom, and perhaps other removable media drives installed f can lead to a problem. To give MS-DOS access to both the upper memory area and expanded memory, use the ram switch. But I know that on my system (and I think this applies for yours too) my video card only uses memory up to C7FF and my system BIOS starts at F800. BootMultithis option enables multiple boot configurations.

  1. address Valid values are in the ranges 8000h through 9C00h and C000h through EC00h, in increments of 400h.
  2. You must then specify at the command prompt the location of the COMMAND.COM file to start the command interpreter again.
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  4. Although those disk errors have reduced dramatically (I remember times from MS-DOS 5.0) they still appear from time to time.
  5. L= minXMS Ensures that the specified amount (in kilobytes) of extended memory will still be available after EMM386 is loaded.
  6. We show two configurations: one using the Invisible LAN disk cache, and one using DOS Smartdrive.
  7. By default this is set to c:\windows\temp, but my D: drive is some MBs/second faster than my C: drive, so I set this value to D.
  8. Microsoft's version first appeared, built-in, with Windows/386 2.1 in 1988 and as standalone EMM386.SYS with MS-DOS 4.01 in 1989; the more flexible EMM386.EXE version appeared in MS-DOS 5.0 in 1991.

That means that files written to the hard disk will not be written immidiately, but rather when either the cache is full or when smartdrive thinks it would be a good http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/41787/dos-emm386-exe By now no program has been loaded or card initialized etc. EMM386 may be able to provide additional EMS/VCPI memory (up to the amount specified by the MEMORY parameter) if sufficient XMS memory is available when a program requests EMS/VCPI memory. The Biggest Software Flops of All Time The Eerie World of Abandoned Arcade Games TV Shows to Watch if You Love 'Stranger Things' »See More About Connect Ziff Davis Sites Subscribe

AUTO EMM386 is not activated at startup but is automatically activated if any program calls for it. If you load a driver or a tsr program you should always try to load them into the UMB with the lh statement. But before we edit it, we have to get some overview of what our system think it needs. set temp, set tmpset the tmp directory for your system.

All programs listed here are drivers and tsr programs currently loaded. If you have installed it once and used it for about 3 hours I bet you never want to use old command.com anymore. Disabling support for VCPI applications reduces the amount of extended memory allocated. EMM386 uses extended memory to simulate expanded memory for programs that can use expanded memory.

On some computers, specifying this switch may have no effect or cause EMM386 to identify upper memory areas as available when they are not. Syntax exit Notes Using exit with the command interpreter When you use the MS-DOS COMMAND command to start a new instance of the command interpreter, you can use the exit command Undocumented Corner (9).

For example, you can control where EMM386 puts the EMS page frame or which segments it uses for EMS pages.

I think the best would now be to explain those terms now. To provide expanded memory and disable the page frame, you can specify FRAME=NONE; however, this may cause some programs that require expanded memory to work improperly. /Pmmmm Specifies the address of The x switch takes precedence over the i switch if the two ranges overlap. EMM386 uses extended memory to simulate expanded memory for programs that can use expanded memory.

The shell option load an alternative command processor (4dos in this case). w=on|w=off Enables (if set to w=on) or disables (if set to w=off) Weitek coprocessor support. But there was still lots of software to run on MS-DOS and people wanted to use those old software packages. HIGHSCAN Specifies that EMM386 use an additional check to determine the availability of upper memory for use as UMBs or EMS windows.

Syntax expand [drive:][path]filename [[drive:][path]filename[ ...]] destination If you type the following, expand will prompt you for the location and/or name you want to give the expanded file: expand [drive:][path]filename If you We clearly see that DOS manages two different memory blocks, the conventional and the upper memory block. The X switch takes precedence over the WIN switch if the two ranges overlap. A value of 64 should be good.

I hope you have tried out the UMBINFO programm and got an overview over your system! (although I think most system should work well with my values, there is no guarantee) NetworkIf you want to use Network enable this. Then exit your editor and make it protected again with: attrib +r +h +s msdos.sys 3) CONFIG.SYS Now we go a little bit deeper into the configuration. address Valid values for address are in the ranges 8000h through 9000h and C000h through E000h, in increments of 400h.

But you should not expect any speed increase wonders. Here we find 4 entries. Using exit when the command program is loaded as permanent If you start the COMMAND.COM program with the /p (permanent) switch, the exit command has no effect. umb is a directive for emm386 (we'll cover it soon) to be able to load normal dos programs into the upper memory area (remember?

Specifying this switch may speed up your system if it does not already have shadow RAM. [NOMOVEXBDA] Prevents EMM386 from moving the extended BIOS data from conventional memory to upper memory. x Valid values are in the range 1 through 14. This device driver must be loaded by a device command in your CONFIG.SYS file and can be used only on computers with an 80386 or higher processor. The line with the Country code is normally created by the setup program and prepares your keyboard for nation specific standards.

As a result, your computer might stop responding. Global EMM Import Specification (GEMMIS) is supported via a document available to a select number of memory-manager vendors ("Windows/386 Paging Import Specification").[2][3] See also[edit] HIMEM.SYS Upper memory area (UMA) Extended memory