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Dual Boot Win2000/Win98SE Install Order?

Win98 to Win2000 upgrade Network problems, win98 - win2000 Win2000 Vs Win98 Win2000 Vs Win98 Clean install of win2000 now no modem or sound How do I install Win2000 Professional, from Cannot Dual Boot Windows 2000 on a Shared Partition Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 221061 - After you install Windows 2000 you may receive critical and non-critical error messages. Click OK. Therefore I will not go into the niggly little details and commands, I will assume you know how to format a drive etc!): Format your hard drive with at least two Source

pc without removing win... IT requires Windows 2000 CD (not necessarily install the Win2k OS). This material or parts thereof may not be copied, published, put on the Internet, rewritten, or redistributed without explicit, written permission from the author. In order to dual boot, the system partition must be a file allocation table (FAT) partition and not a Windows NT file system (NTFS) partition Triple-Booting and Direct-Booting NT, Win95, and http://labmice.techtarget.com/windows2000/install/dualboot.htm

However, this (and booting from CD) gives more options in the Setup program, such as formatting your C Drive with NTFS or FAT32 or converting the drive to NTFS. Keep the file sysytem FAT if you want to use both partitions in DOS and Win2000, FAT32 if you want to use both in Win98 and Win2000. This will regenerate a Win98 boot sector on the system partition.(also destroys the NT boot sector).

What do you want to do? Create a Extended partition. This is what you have to do: 1) keep a partition for your new os (the new disk) 2) install and restore win2k boot loader files. You receive critical and non-critical errors after you install Windows 2000 for dual boot?

Windows 2000 supports dual booting with the following Operating systems: Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0 Windows 95, Windows 98 Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 MS-DOS OS/2 and if you're The information here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. So I decided to use this to get assistance thru. That is in the FAT16 partition, of course.

Adding FAT32 and NTFS partitions to a dual boot test system Tech Republic article by Jeff Thompson featured in TechNet. Upgrading Windows NT Workstation 4.0 to Windows 2000 To upgrade Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 You must uncompress any DriveSpace or DoubleSpace volumes before upgrading to Windows 2000 Each operating system should be installed on a separate drive or disk partition. However, how, after install of NT can NT be run and use Dick administrator if it can't be booted - as booting the system will go straight to W98 ?

  1. Start Fdisk Go to the temporary Ram Disk by typing : and hitting Enter.
  2. yes thats what i do install the 98 then partially install Win 2000 and it will automatecally detect the win98 instalation files Reply With Quote December 28th, 2003,09:18 AM #8 Sgear17
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  7. this is an excellent solution with having to purchase additional software.

Going to try this myself tonight. http://bootstrike.com/WindowsXP/dualboot.php Type d:\setup. But the above method was when i dualbooted NT4/2000, Win98, and Linux. *penta(something)-booting means having 5 OSes on one system and booting in whichever i choose. Win98 installation problems Installation probs with Hauppauge WinTV (Win98) Bizzare Win98 installation problem Win2000 Pro install hangs on Toshiba A505 laptop Installing RAID1 on Win2000 for ICH9DO Chipset upgrade Win98 to

It cannot be configured to boot multiple versions of Windows 9X (Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, and Me) because they use the same boot file; however, there are third party utilities this contact form You should see a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD.." asking to you press a key to enter Setup. These features require changes to the NTFS format. So, for example, if your Ram Drive is E, you will type E: and hit Enter.

It has to be installed last. 3) Make sure your file system is FAT! Win2k's Disk Administration, it may ask you to write a signature and/or convert to a "dynamic" disk. So where does that leave you when you want to install NT and have a dual-boot configuration? http://webtrekkie.com/dual-boot/dual-boot-lycoris-win2000.php This will cause bootsect.dos to be created from the contents of the Win98 boot sector.Some background info;When you dualboot Win9x and Windows 2000; Windows 2000 creates a file named bootsect.dos; if

Steps for Dual Booting NT 4, Win 2000 Reformat and repartition your hard drive if you have only one partition. Microsoft should support all their products. However, you do have some options.

This is great news as I can now convert my 98 installation to FAT32 to gain some more disk space and still retain my dual boot.

AT least this way you will have the obtion to boot each OS, but you will have to set the BIOS to boot a different drive every time you want to The steps next will wipe out your entire hard drive of all files and data. but dont worry, that will boot into Windows NT. I installed XP first, and did not have the XP CD in hand when trying to get the machine to dual boot.

I installed Win 2K into the free space. see also: http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;EN-US;255220 http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;EN-US;301680 If you plan to go along with the install sequence you described I suggest you read enough about it and do some backups and keep recovery floppy'sd Insert the CD into the drive and enter the following commands E: (Changes to your CD-ROM Drive, substitute E for the drive if it is something else) CD\SETUP (Change to your http://webtrekkie.com/dual-boot/dual-boot-after-xp-install.php Set it to the size you want for XP.

Reboot.. If not just go to the next step. I partitioned a 2GB hard disk with three partitions, 50MB, 950MB, and 1GB. Install DOS/Win98 on the primary partition as usual.

NO other operating system can see a dynamic disk, including DOS. Any questions, complaints, or claims regarding the products must be directed to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Skip to Navigation Skip to Content Windows IT Pro Search: Connect With The products referenced in this site are provided by parties other than LabMice.net. Open the boot.ini file (remove the read-only attribute), and add the following line to the \[operating systems\] section: c:\bootsect.f32="Windows 98" Reboot and you should now have dual-boot capability.

How to Triple Boot to Windows NT, Windows 9x, & DOS MS Knowledge Base article Q157992. Even Microsoft doesnt seem to know there is such a simple way to create a BOOTSECT.DOS file! let's say nix and nt based os's are rather smarther than win9x os's. The method you choose depends on whether you want to retain the existing configuration settings on your computer.

However, if not, please post your problem in the Windows XP Discussion Forum. Posts 1,752 Black Viper give a step by step tut for installing multiple windows operating systems on this site , under "OS Guides" section of his web site. If you are installing Windows 2000 to dual- boot with Windows NT 4.0 on a volume using NTFS, you may not be able to boot Windows NT 4.0. This installation gave me a boot menu with options for NT and Windows.

Upcoming Training Feb 7:Mastering Windows 10 v1607 in the Enterprise with Johan Arwidmark Feb 8: Enhance VMware Data Protection With the Cloud Feb 14: Colocation User Best Practices Feb 16: Defeating Do NOT disconnect the cable from your current hard disk, just connect the black connector at the end or centre to the backup hard disk and a spare power cable. Guess what? You can use the Boot to Previous Operating System option after Win95 starts, because Win95 has inherent multibooting abilities.

o Upgrade... NT won't recognize FAT32. But you will still have two OSes.